Takashi Okada is a graphic designehttps://www.okadatakashi.com/r and art director
whose practice incorporates media design, experimental art, motion graphics and original drowings.

Takashi Okada
rm 302 3-6-14 Kitazawa Setagaya-ku
Tokyo 1550031 Japan

2015. D&AD Wood Pencil / Crafts for Design / Illustration for Design / 2015
2009.13th Japan Media Arts Festival / Art Division Jury Recommend Works
2007.11th Japan Media Arts Festival / Art Division Jury Recommend Works
2006.TORAY DCA2006 / Screening Committee's Encouragement Award
2006.Adobe Motion Award / Flash Animaition Winner
2005.SEIKO DESIGN YOUR TIME / Special prize
2004.Panasonic CQ a small world full / Encouragement prize

2013.GREAT IDEA PETITE TYPEFACE (work publishing)
2012. Web Designing 2012/09 (work publishing)
2011. Interactive design (Interview and work publishing)
2010. atlas of illustration (Interview and work publishing,10)
2010. MdN 2010/04 (Writing)
2009. MdN 2009/12 (Writing)
2009. Layout of website (work publishing)
2009. Web Designing 2009/6 (Writing)
2009. WEB direction for graphic designer (work publishing)
2009. X FUNS 41 (Interview and work publishing)
2008-09. Web Designing 2008/11〜2009/04 (Writing)
2008. Web Designing 2009/02 (Interview and work publishing)
2008. Point to the East: Explore Stunning Talents in Asia (Interview and work publishing)
2008. Web Design note (Interview and work publishing)
2008. 映像作家100人 2008 (work publishing)
2008. Web Designing 2008/04 (Interview and work publishing)
2007.Web Designing 2007/12 (Interview and work publishing)

you'll find more of me and my work.
artworks: http://www.okadada.com/
drowingworks: takashi okada drowing.tumblr
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